Yin vinyasa classes

Yin vinyasa is a flow yoga style with both yin and yang elements.  It pairs stillness and movement, muscle deactivation and activation, relaxation and action, parasympathetic and sympathetic functions of the autonomous nervous system. The effects can be refreshing, energizing, revitalizing, cooling and restoring. Blend of yin yoga and vinyasa yoga is a beautiful combination of two opposing but complementary principles.

Yin yoga is stillness based seated and reclined style of practice with long-held poses (more than two minutes) intendent to target bones, joints, ligaments and deep fascia networks. It is slow-paced type of practice that has the power to balance out a hectic periods of everyday life. It can be contemplative and meditative.

Vinyasa yoga is movement based style of practice that can compensate for sedentary types of activities. It is a dynamic way of working with tissues such as muscles, but also with a bloodflow that helps keeping the body warm and alert. Poses are not held for a long time and the pace of the practice can range between slow to moderate to fast. It brings together standing, seated and reclined poses linked with breath and movement.

Location: YOGA MANDIR, Resavska 30b, Belgrade